In which Andrea catches up…

So its been a while. Lots of things have happened since I last posted in the blog. SHAMEFUL ANDREA! I missed blogging so i figured I should get back into it.

Lets break it down:

In the last six months:
Jarrod and I moved into our own place in Saskatoon. Its not super fancy or anything but its a nice-ish place with lots of space. The kittens have become indoor kitties and have grown super fat. Like OMG I AM NOT WIPING KITTY BUTTS IF THEY CANT CLEAN THEMSELVES LIKE BINA DOES. Jarrod loves the cats so much that he feels bad and gives into kitty eyes when they want the kitten food we feed to the ferrets (more on that in a bit)Image

Look at that


Cailie is being squished by fattie speedy face


Fat kittens. Also pillows I got for free! I love my free pillows.

I also got promoted at work to full time, and I am currently acting as department manager because the department manager for cosmetics is on medical leave.

We got ferrets. On our way to my moms house for Christmas boxing day Jarrod and I were talking about ferrets, I’m not sure how the conversation came up but I knew that Jarrod had wanted a ferret since he was around 13 years old. So I thought I would just look up ferrets to see how much we would pay etc. Well we contacted a bunch of people and eventually found one in Edmonton. A few days before heading home I was like 90% against getting ferrets just because the car was already going to be super full of stuff, because we didnt know really what having a ferret entailed, because Jarrod’s sisters ferret made me want to punt that little fucker so hard and because I knew we could use the money for something else. Jarrod was pretty excited about the ferret so I decided that for his birthday present I would get the ferret and he would take care of it, we talked about it and he agreed. So on our way back we drove two hours out of the way to pick up Winston. Well when I saw him I fell in love with that little guy. We were in such a rush that we noticed something was wrong with his cage but we didnt really think anything of it until seven hours later we got him home. The only things in his cage were a blanket, a litter box and a food and water dish. I dont know if you guys know much about ferrets but that is just not enough. One flimsy little baby blanket is all he had to snuggle up in at night. It makes me really sad every time I think about it. We also noticed something else was wrong. When we picked Winston up she was trying to get us out the door very quickly and I didn’t really think anything of it but now I think its because she didn’t want us to notice how skinny Winston was. Winston looked like he hadn’t eaten for about a month. You could see his hip bones and spine and could feel every single rib when you touched him even lightly. It was so sad and really gross and reminded me of the stray cat that used to come into Sabina’s house. I dont have any pictures of the before Winston, nor would I want to show them to you because it was very disturbing and sad but here is my fat little healthy Winston with bum fat (he cant fit into the small tunnels we have)ImageImage

He is blind but he still is a very happy ferret and loves to run around the house as much as our other two do. We are working on getting the three ferrets to co-exist together, it can take a while especially since Winston probably hasn’t been around many other ferrets in his life.

Then last month we got our twins Lilly and Charlie. Charlie is a cuddle monster and Lilly likes to run around like a lunatic. She REALLY likes getting into things she shouldnt such as the dishwasher, behind the fridge, in the wall behind the heater. Shes tiny so she can fit into spaces that are hard to close up. She also loves to get into the shower with me and dance around and explore while I shower. Charlie loves to sleep and eat treats. He seriously knows the sound of the baggie I use to hold all their treats and will run across the apartment to get a peanut butter flavored one.





In the past few weeks:
Ive been sick. I get grumpy when I’m sick and there’s been a lot of stress at work so i’ve been in a pretty crappy mood lately. Every time i seem to feel better I get kicked in the face and end up feeling really bad. I JUST WANT TO FEEL BETTER.

Ive been doing exersizes and stuff when I feel okay wich lately hasnt been a lot but I’ve already lost 10 pounds. I want to lose a lot more weight and I want to run in the colour run that they host in Saskatoon every year. Im essentially training for a marathon. I know I’m going to die but I think its going to be a lot of fun 🙂

I have been trying to win these boots for forever. They are literally the perfect boots. I need them in my life and if I don’t end up winning a pair, when I’ve reached my goal weight I will be purchasing a pair. They are seriously the most amazing boots I have ever seen. If you guys arent entering her weekly contests to win these boots you really should!

Well I think that leaves you guys all caught up. Im hoping to get back into the daily cycle of blogging again, but im not making any promises! 😉

~Andrea ❤


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