In which Andrea kinda sucks at blogging…

So when I left for my mom’s house I said I would be blogging more. I AM A BIG FAT LIAR! Almost five months later and its my first update since then. When I got to my mom’s house I completely forgot about everything and I just relaxed and had a really good time. Since it was five months ago I cant really tell you day by day what happened, but I will post the gist.

I was so excited to see my family, its really weird how time continues to move on even when you’re not there. Its heartbreaking in a selfish way, that your family continues to live while you’re not there?! How dare they! But its really hard when you’ve lived with the same people your entire life and been there to see everything that has happened to them for 19 years, then suddenly be away and you’re not part of that life anymore. Not to say that you’re not part of their life, you are, just in a different way. A long distance way. A when you call they tell you just the good stuff kinda way. I miss my family a lot.

We did a lot of Christmas-y things. Im pretty sure last year I mentioned that Christmas is really huge for my family even though most of us arent really religious. But we use it as a time to spend time with family and my mom trys to make it as special as she can which I am super grateful for. Lately I’ve been talking to people who didn’t really have as great of a childhood that I had. It makes me feel sad for them, but also makes me feel so grateful for the mom I had/have.

My neighbors came over and gave us a sleigh ride which was a lot of fun. Charolette (one of my neighbors) is someone I worked with when I was at the library. Even though there is a huge age difference (shes around my Nana’s age) we became really good friends. I was really happy to be able to see her over the holidays.

Leaving was really hard for me. Even though I missed Jarrod (and our kitties) it was so so so difficult for me to leave. I ended up calling my mom at the airport while I was waiting for my flight crying because I didn’t want to go. It really tore my heart to have to leave but I had to go back sometime, and no matter when I had left I would have cried just as hard. I know that makes me sound kind of weird, but for those of you who are so close with your family and then move so far away from them so that you don’t see them very often, its very hard.

Im not even sure where to go with this from here, Im going to end this post and start another to talk about my day today.


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