In which Andrea had a tired time today…

So I finally got tired of being rejected in Delisle so I thought I would give the city a shot. I applied to one place (Wal-Mart) and got an interview. (I wish I had gotten sick of being rejected earlier). The phone interview went well, I’m a pretty awkward person in general, but on the phone I’m pretty okay. The group interview was pretty awkward though, it was one other girl and I and we had to roleplay and it was generally a pretty awkward time. They called me the next day though and told me I got the job, so I suppose that I didnt do too bad.

Today was my first day of training. I should first point out that I was unable to sleep at all last night. Not for lack of trying, I lay in bed for hours with my eyes closed in the dark and it didnt work. Its not that I was nervous or anything, I was kind of neutral about the whole thing. But for some reason it was impossible. I finally fell asleep an hour and a half before I had to wake up, so needless to say it was a long day. It was really awkward at first  because twelve of us were sitting shoulder to shoulder in a tiny room around a table. If you’ve never done group orientation, its really weird. They try to make it fun, which granted it can be if you’ve got a good team, but I can also see how some of the exercises could be horribly awkward and frustrating. First we played a boardgame where we went around the board landing on squares that would either make our customer’s satisfaction go up or down and if you got all the way down (like my teams did) your customer got so angry they left the store. I think that the point of the game was to try and show people what kinds of things effect customers.

Other exercises included running around the store looking for on sale items, talking to associates or even talking to customers. So that was incredibly uncomfortable for someone with an anxiety disorder (this job might kill me). But in general, I had a really good day. I even got a free $5 timmys card. So if I ever forget my lunch I have a way to eat without spending what little money I have 🙂

Im doing the instagram thing lately, which I find a lot of fun (you can find me here . I mostly post pictures of my cats. But Im loving it) but Im not sure if i can take pictures of anything to do with my job. I feel like I could get into trouble for that. Not that i would be saying anything bad about Wal-Mart, I actually am really happy about working there and all the good they do for communities and such make me happy. But Im not sure if I could be fired or something for that. If anyone knows anything about that, you should comment and let me know.

I think thats all for tonight. I’m going to try and get back into blogging (probably not every day) because I really miss it. So stay tuned


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