In which Andrea hasn’t posted in a loooooong time

Alright, so I havent posted in a while. I think its because I’m bored with life and dont really have anything to share. There are a few things that I can talk about though, and I havent posted in SO LONG that I decided to do it.

First of all. Beginning of September Jarrod, Jarrod’s Grandma Inga, and myself drove to Grande Prairie so that I was able to get all of the things I wanted from home. It was a nice trip and I actually did a lot of driving (I still need a lot of practice in able to FINALLY get my licence) both there and back. Though next time, we wont be following the GPS. I swear that thing was set to take the scenic route or something. It took us the long way more than once!

I got a lot of my stuff that I wanted, but I chose to not bring back everything i wanted because right now Jarrod and i are kind of crammed into this little space and finding room for all of that stuff could have ended up troublesome (we might need to get those roll under the bed container things that you can use for storage and stuff). Apparently Inga loved my family (and believe me they loved her back) and always asks about them when she calls and I pick up (the ask about her two. Its never “How is Andrea” its “How is Inga doing”). But im really glad that they like each other.

Jarrod wanted to go to a bar, (the legal age in Saskatchewan is 19, and in Alberta its 18) for the first time so I tried to convince my brother to go with us but he wouldnt. So it ended up being Jarrod, Jesse, Brandon and I playing pool and those arcade games, we had a pretty good time even though the bar didnt have any juice so any of the drinks I wanted they couldn’t make (I ended up having a cream soda kind of drink)

My mom and I did the cooking, we made pork cutlets one night and a roast dinner with cheesecake for dessert the next. It was pretty good.

Im a bit home sick after talking about that… :c

This weekend we went to Jarrod’s Grandparents for Thanksgiving. It wasn’t that long of a trip and it was really pretty where we were but there really wasn’t much to do. Jarrod and I slept most of the time because it rained so we couldn’t even really go walking,

Pictures from Jarrod’s grandparents house by a lake.

I dont think I’ve ever talked about the fact that Jarrod “adopted” three kittens. His sister’s cat had kittens and Jarrod wanted to keep them all. One of them was promised to his cousin so we didnt keep that one. But now we have three little monsters who like to terrorize everyone, and Jarrod SPOILS THEM ROTTEN! He is always saying “You can do whatever you want” to them and believe me he lets them! 😛 But its somewhat sweet to see him care for something. He gets quite protective of them.Right now hes in the process of getting them all spayed so we dont have even more kittens running around. He would probably want to keep those ones too…


The grey one and twins are ours.


My fishie Pixel <3. The cats like to drink the water from his tank :c

Its been getting colder out, and you know from last years posts about how much I hate the cold (I obviously moved to the wrong place)! There are supposed to be flurries tomorrow and it snowed a very little bit today but it all melted pretty quick. I  want to go trick-or-treating this year, I know that at 20 I’m WAY to old to be doing that but my life is pretty boring so I kind of want to DO SOMETHING. Right now its all sitting at home, entering contests, sometimes going into the city on weekends when Sabina does her grocery shopping, but I dont really have the money to do anything or buy anything.

Ive been looking for a job, and I’ve sent resumes into any place that I could find that would take them more than once. But I still havent heard back from anyone. It would really help if I could get a job, I would be less bored with life and have more money in my account.

My father and I are trying to have a relationship now. But to be honest I dont know how its really working out. Hes been giving me a bit of money and we talk on the phone sometimes but Im a bit wary of him because we’ve tried this before and it didnt work out, though I’m hoping it does this time. My mom said to just go into it with expectations that way if he hasnt changed I wont get hurt, but its really hard to do that. I want to make things work I think. Im not even sure anymore. <- go there if you want free things. BE MY FRIEEEEEND 🙂



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