In Which Andrea is going through withdrawl without even knowing it…

Its been two months, one day since I’ve played guitar and its slowly killing me. Until now I hadn’t even noticed I missed it. But this morning I had the song “House That Built me” By Miranda Lambert stuck in my head and when I listened to it on youtube I found myself wishing I could play it on guitar again. The calluses on my finger tips have gone away and i have feeling back in them, which in my case is bad because it means that when I start guitar back up its going to hurt a lot.

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without playing guitar. Even when we were building the house I practiced every day and played in a talent show (which i won btw 😉 ). I dont even know how many days it is until I go to pick up my stuff with Jarrod. It seems super far away even though its coming up in September.

I’ve been playing a lot of minecraft lately. Ahh. Yeah I’m a huge nerd. If you dont know what minecraft is, its a game where you find and build things out of blocks. There are monsters and things you can kill to get rare items and if you explore enough you can find temples and fortresses and get awesome items. Jarrod and I have a LAN server going and its pretty fun. 🙂

I swear to you these kittens were sent to annoy the shit out of everyone but Jarrod.  THEY ATE THE CORD I USE TO CHARGE MY PHONE! So now I’m stealing Jarrods’ until I can afford to get a new one. The little demons. But in Jarrod’s eyes, they can do no wrong. 😛 Now only if he payed as much attention to me as he did to the kittens…

My mom is lending me the money to apply to an online school so I can start at my Bachelors of Education.  I miss school a lot, its been a while since I’ve been to school and I’m really looking forward to going back.




2 thoughts on “In Which Andrea is going through withdrawl without even knowing it…

  1. I remember that talent show, you won with the song concrete angel also by Miranda Lambert, good times, that was also right around the time me and you started to become good friends. 😀

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