In which Andrea blows a lot of money at the fair…

Friday Jarrod and I went to the exhibition to see Simple Plan play. I’ve seen Simple Plan in concert before and they were just as good as last time. Riley and I used to dance around our kitchens as we made cookies or jello or tea singing Simple Plan songs. Simple Plan is one of the few bands I have kept since I was younger. I love their energy when preforming.


Other than Simple Plan we just walked around the park grounds eating deep fried food and looking at things (we didnt have a rides pass for that night). I had a pretty amazing time even though I got huge blisters on my feet. Things at fairs are SO expencive. We went again Saturday (this time with ride passes) and its amazing how fast you can spend money on things. I bought a candy apple and it was $8! But it was pretty yummy and sometimes its okay if you spend a little extra (Just as long as its not every day :P).  We went on a bunch of rides, and as anyone who has been with me to an amusment park can tell you, I was scared and nervous before every ride (even the faris wheel). But I went on every ride and didnt chicken out even for the ones that seemed really unsafe!

Jarrod’s friends were with us and they went to see “Collective Soul” play and Jarrod and I walked around the park for a bit more. By the time we walked back to the car (We had to park like a 10 min walk away from the fair grounds there were so many people) I had aquired more blisters! I was wearing trainers and socks so I have no idea why I got so many blisters! My feet even kind of hurt today.

Here’s a picture of the chocolate frog wrapper and card (the chocolate was long gone 😉 ).

Im sure there are some horrible spelling mistakes in this post, I have to use Internet Explorer because its the only thing on this computer and I would feel rude to download something else and internet explorer dosnt seem to have a spell check. 😛


One thought on “In which Andrea blows a lot of money at the fair…

  1. I’d prob die if I had to use IE lol
    you sound like grannie, she too said that even though its expensive as f (my word not hers) that spending a bunch of money, when you hardly go out, is ok, cus its a once in a while thing (not something you do everyday)

    we’re the family of cheap LOL

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