In which this is technically Andrea’s birthday post…

July 28th was my birthday. I enjoyed my birthday a lot, Jarrod’s family gave me HARRY POTTER CANDY! AHH! I was pretty happy about that. I had had the “Every Flavored beans” before but I also got a chocolate frog with a wizard card. Yeah you all can be jealous now 😛 Jarrod’s dad then took us out for dinner, everyone but me had steak and I’m still getting bugged about having a cheese-burger. My Nana called me on the way back from the restaurant and wished me a happy birthday and we talked about home for a bit. I miss home. Dont get me wrong, Im happy here, I just miss my brothers and Grandparents and mom. I feel like if im not there I’m going to end up missing something. I feel like my grandparents arent going to be around much longer and with me gone my time with them is even shorter.

We went  boating last Monday. Jarrod’s uncle tried to teach me to knee board. But my chest kept getting in the way (another thing to add to the rant about having big boobs). I almost got up one time though and I think i know how to do it for the next time. I cant wait to try again 🙂 Jarrod pretty much refused to go into the water though and I felt kind of bad abandoning him to go swimming and kneeboarding but he seemed to have a good day.

I have a million more freckles because of the sun! I pride myself on my pale-ness and I keep getting paranoid that Im going to  burn so I picked up 110spf sunblock. Im pathetic when Im sick and that includes sunburn. Last time I was sunburnt badly was the weekend before grad and I make sure now that I will never get that bad again. I couldnt lay down to sleep for like a week and a half plus my back looks all gross in my graduation photos.

Speaking of photos; I finally got around to buying batteries for my camera and found a butt ton of photos on there, from the house build and graduation 2011 to the last day of school and the Harry Potter movie where we all dressed up. I need to figure out how to get my photos off my SD card and onto a computer, because I forgot my cord.

I’m hoping to make a trip to Grande Prairie in September, I want to get more of my stuff (such as my computer and my guitar — Im not sure which I’m missing more) and see my family. See above how I miss my family.

Its hot here. Hotter than it gets in Grande Prairie. I melt if the AC isnt on during hot days. I would hate to have fur in this weather!

Saturday Jarrod and I are going to the X. Like Klondike days in Edmonton. but tomorrow we are going to see Simple Plan in concert. Jarrod dosnt really like Simple Plan though but he says hes going for the food. Boys! 😛

Jarrod is trying to sleep and his keyboard is really noisy so Im going to stop typing for tonight. Hpoefully this dosnt turn into a once-a-month thing again!

Ha-Jesse! You owe me a TBH now!


One thought on “In which this is technically Andrea’s birthday post…

  1. pfttt at hamburgers, and you don’t hurt my feelings, its only normal to feel homesick. I will try to remember to wake you up at 7am like your mom used to so you don’t feel so home sick in the future LOL…and did ya take pics of the band at the ex?

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