In which Andrea hasnt written in a while… but thats nothing new…

I’ve been in Saskatoon for two weeks. How time flies. Not a lot has happened recently, at least not important things that I cant remember at 11:53pm while being too bored to sleep.

Took a bit to get used to being here. Like the fact that I didnt have a “wake up or get an angry mother yelling at you” time. I think I’ve been taking a bit of an advantage of that. I sleep a lot lately, which is weird. I normally never sleep that much, probably because for the last five or so years every spare day we had was spent putting work into selling the house, building the house, or finishing the house. Its really weird not having to do that.

Another thing is the water! I didnt even realize how different city water is from the water at home (other than for drinking). Like when we moved two years ago the water in my uncles apartment was nasty, but that’s Hythe water in general. Slimy and smelly. Then we transitioned over from Hythe water to the farms water which was by far a lot less slimy and smelly. But I didnt realize how soft our water was. I’m used to using tiny bits of soap and shampoo. Plus the water feels a bit more harsh than im used to. Not in a painful way or anything, its just different. In a way I miss my water (I will certainly be spending a bit more on soap).

Lots of nothing happened. Then Jarrod’s graduation. I didnt like any pictures of myself but this is one where i dont look like a total loser:

and I still do look like a total loser.

Graduation was nice. It was a bit different from any graduation I had been to. It had its meal before hand, which was nice, the food was okay. Then we hung out for like half an hour for the real grad to start. Where i very awkwardly walked with Jarrod as his escourt which I dont have any pictures of (thank god because im scared to see how awkward and anxious I look). Then we for like forever while like five people got thousands of dollars worth of scholarships (seriously one kid had a 98% average and another girl HAD to have had her first year of school completely payed for). The scholarships bit took up more time then the rest of the graduation, it was kind of boring. Then they handed out the “diplomas” while their classmates did “predictions” which was basically what happened at my grad. I cant remember what my “prediction” was but I remember Jesse trying to trick the grad people and wrote his in Japanese and when his was read it said he was going to school to study foreign language such as Japanese and everyone was confused because Jesse had never shown any interest in taking foreign languages in college. After the grad there was a dance thing and Jarrod let me dance with him for half a song before he decided he was too cool to dance with his girlfriend and we went home, got changed and went to the Safe-Grad party.  Jarrod got drunk, I got drunk, there was lots of walking around and sitting by a fire. I had a good time though.

After I got off the phone with my mom the morning after the graduation I FOUND A TICK ON ME. I kind of freaked out a bit because I didnt know what the hell it was. Jarrod’s sister Cassandra helped me get it off by singing my arm hair then pulling it off with tweezers. I still feel really crawly when I think about it.

Today we went boating. The last time I went boating was when I was around 9 and my friend Keshia and I took our beanie babies with us to the lake with her family and her dad almost flipped the boat. Even though my family owns a boat, I’ve never been on it and I honestly dont know if its ever been used. But I had a fun time. I put a shit ton of sunscreen on because I really really dont want a sun burn. Jarrod and his dad fished, Jarrod taught me how to cast a fishing line, no one caught anything. It was a really fun day. Sabina then FOUND A TICK ON HER. So now my skin is all crawly again and I check every so often to see if why im itching is a tick, which its not, just mosquito bites (which I have a lot of, like seriously its bad how many I have, I’m almost more bite than person… maybe if enough bite me I will gain super mosquito powers.. like being able to fly or be annoying… though according to Jarrod i already have the annoying part… MAYBE ITS WORKING!)

Im kind of homesick. Like I love being here, but I miss my family. Other than when i moved out for two months or whatever to live with my aunt I’ve never really been away from home for a long time.

Im getting sleepy and I cant really think of anything else to write about, also 900 words! You people should be happy until I write another blog. Just read like one sentence a day and make it last 😉



One thought on “In which Andrea hasnt written in a while… but thats nothing new…

  1. This sounds like an epic adventure. :] Tell that fag (I mean it in an endearing fashion) that I said congratulations, and to sell off to me in KoC, and RS. 😛 Also, I’d comment more, but… there’s this stupid thing called “life” that has me doing things like “getting a job” and “working”.. whatever that’s ab00t.

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