In which Andrea procrastinates a lot…

Tomorrow is the last full day i have before I get on an airplane and go to Jarrod’s house. I still have a lot to do.

Things I need to do:
-Clean my room
-Cut my hair
-Probably other stuff that I havent thought of hopefully I remember them before I have to leave.

Im still not entirely sure whats going on. A lot of plans have been made, and I don’t know weather said plans are going to happen or not but I think I’m just going to have to take it one day at a time.

Here’s how Tuesday will look for me:
Get up at 4am so that I can shower and get ready to leave by 5am so that I can make it to the airport at 6am so that Im there for my 7am flight. I get into Edmonton around 7:55am. Then I have to wait until 10:00am to get onto my flight for Calgary. I arrive in Calgary at 10:46am. Then I wait until 1:50pm for my flgiht to Saskatoon which arrives at 2:55pm. Where I hope Jarrod will be waiting for me. I say hope because I’m a bit gun shy with rides lately, especially since more than once I was forgotten at work. Which by the way, I quit my job two weeks ago. Yeah lots to catch up on.

The library board was acting seriously childish and horrid towards me and I felt that after putting in four months of my blood sweat and tears was unjustified especially since it felt as though they didnt trust me anymore with anything, including being alone in the library (by library board I mean one library board member in particular, though Im not going to name any names). I didnt think that it was worth staying for so I quit. And I get to leave on Tuesday to live with Jarrod for a month or whatever. Which I am very happy and excited about so its essentially a win-win.

Happy Fathers day to my Papa, who although isnt my father and instead my grandfather is more a father to me than I’ve ever actually had . I love you Papa, You’re an amazing person and I’m sorry i couldnt be here for your birthday on the 28th of June (One month before mine!) I will do my best to call and talk to you! 🙂

On the note of birthdays AHHHH, four weeks and six days until mine. I have probably mentioned before that I dont want to be 20. I dont know why, i just dont. I will be in Saskatoon for my birthday so no party this year.

Its time for Fathers Day supper though so I will hopefully write more later.


One thought on “In which Andrea procrastinates a lot…

  1. the beans were HORRID…like not cooked or whatever, just freaking HORRID, the dessert must have been good cus Jarrod did the , mom the desserts really good thing (do you want my pc?, oh the desserts really good , ok if you don’t want it) and the grads only got one pc of meat yet we were able to put as much as we wanted on our plates…LOL and Jarrod eyeing up the girls plate that was hardly ate…..
    yeah the scholarships were boring but mostly I was disappointed in how bad the speaker system was, so you basically didn’t hear most of it

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