In which Andrea might become a goat…

So the library manager quit. Even though I really didnt like her, this is kind of a bad thing.

I have very hard decisions to make in the next few days. Because the library manager quit they will probably be offering me the job again. The problem with this is I really really love my job.

So I have three options.
Option 1: I take another year off school and continue with a job I really really love.

Pros: I get to keep a job I love
Another year to save up for college and make sure its what I really want to do
Cons: I dont get to move to be closer to Jarrod
I’m not going to school. Or if I do it will be online and part time

Option 2: Continue with the plan of moving and going to school.

Pros: I really really really want to go back to school
Closer to Jarrod
“Starting” my life.
Cons: Out on my own
Student loans

Option three: Say screw life and become a goat.

Pros: Goats dont need jobs or school
Get to eat all the time and being fat isnt a bad thing
Goats are freaking cute
Cons: Some people eat goats… I would have to watch out for that


Right now I’m leaning to towards option 3.


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