In which Andrea has had a long two days..

The past few days have been very long and stressful on me. Long because I have had little sleep and stressful because I dont want to give up my job.

The new library manager started on Tuesday. Im still debating wether or not I like her as a person. As a library manager she sucks. My mom says that I’m going to hate anyone we find because they wont have the passion that I do for this job. I suppose I understand that. I just feel like she isnt a right fit. But in the end, I dont get to make that choice.

Today I was so bored I shelf read the children’s book section. Then after that, I did the young adult section. For those of you who have never been in the Hythe Library, that is a lot of books.

Yesterday the new library manager and I went to training in GP. The only problem was that because she was there, I didnt get the advanced training, I got the beginners training. So I wasted six hours learning stuff I already knew. At least I got payed for it.

I have been running! Not for the past two days as I havent gotten home until its dark.. But for the past two weeks its been warm enough for me to continue running ā¤ šŸ™‚ I missed it.

Thank god tomorrow is Friday



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