In which Andrea has had an emotional day…

So I dont know if ive written about how im just temporary at the library im working at. I was the library assistant, but then my boss “left” and I became the library manager. Today I found out how temporary I am. They hired someone yesterday.

I still get to keep my job until the end of June when I leave for Jarrod’s graduation. (Quite excited. Leaving June 23rd). I get to stay full time until she is completely trained. Im not sure how long that will be. Its sad, I knew it was coming, but im still really upset about it. If I wasnt moving, i probably would have taken this job and did schooling online. I seriously love this job that much. When I told Jarrod that he said that this job would hold me back from getting a better one. And truthfully, it would. I would by stuck in Hythe. There is no where to improve from library manager, and its not full time work. It had to happen.

Shortly after this news a father and his three kids came into the library. I could tell he didnt want to be here. But he helped his kids pick books to read. Suggesting things they might like and spending almost an hour patiently waiting for all of them to pick books out. I almost started crying. I know that sounds SO totally lame. But my dad was a deadbeat dad. He didnt do much if /anything/ with us kids. And he pretty much refused to taking us to the library. When we would go to his house for the weekends when we were young he pretty much let us run around. We played by power transformers, ran around the city like wild children at the ages of like 10, 9, 7, and 5. I dont really know what its like to come from a two parent household. I dont know what its like to come from a “normal” household. My parents split up when I was 7 or 8 and I stopped going to my dads place when he kicked my sister and I out of our room to give to his girlfriends kids.

Both of my brothers are really sick. Matthew is more sick than Michael is though. He was delusional and his fever kept climbing and wouldnt break so my mom took him to the hospital. I havent heard anything yet. But I really really am worried about them.

I am feeling emotionally drained and I have to close up the library now. -sniffle- Soon I wont work here…

I also really love this song…



One thought on “In which Andrea has had an emotional day…

  1. wow, jarrods words of wisdom are truly wise…kinda scary
    hope your brothers are ok, looking forward to you being here in june and normal is only what you see others have, that you don’t (cus believe me, my family is not normal)

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