In which Andrea is a good person and cleans up other peoples gross trash…

So on Saturday Jesse, Brandon, my family and a bunch of the people from town cleaned up highways. Between my family, Brandon and Jesse we did 11 miles. You would not believe the amount of random crap we found on the side of the road. Seriously people. If you are driving down highway 59 and throwing some of this stuff out the window, you should be ashamed of yourself!

We found porn, in both the DVD and magazine form. Condoms, a home made knife of some sort, a bent up sign post, Brandon found a bone with a condom on it (yes we all thought it was more than slightly disturbing), Viagra, bottles and jars of urine, we found more beer cans than we found pop cans, over 120 cigarette packs, and a sign that said “caustic soda”. There was probably more really weird and disturbing stuff, but I have forgotten.

To be honest, the most disturbing thing that i saw was the fact that we found more alcohol than we did sodas. People are drinking and driving! As a person who has had a really close friend killed by a drunk driver, I can tell you that this breaks my heart! People need to learn common sense. >.<

Tomorrow is back to work. Which Im excited for 🙂 Not gonna lie, I love my job.



One thought on “In which Andrea is a good person and cleans up other peoples gross trash…

  1. That sucks! >,,< The whole littering thing, I mean. (It's really) awesome that you guys volunteered though, so thanks for that. :]

    Also, the "Flo-"wchart (get it? :p) made me LOL pretty hard, so thanks for that as well.

    One last thing, IK this isn't the post to do it on, but you haven't posted in a little bit, so I'll just say it here: HAPPY BIRFDAY! 😀

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