In which Andrea has begun to make a list…

Everyone has heard of “Bucket lists” and if you havent, you live under a bigger rock than I do. A bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before you /kick the bucket/. Today while processing new books for the library, I found a book titled “What do you want to do before you die?” at first I just processed it normally and then set it aside to be shelved. But when I went back to it I read the back cover and the first words just caught my eye “If nothing in the world were impossible, what would you do?”. To be honest I didnt start listing off all of the things on my bucket list in my head. I thought about moving and how scared I still am. How scared I am to do anything with my life really. I know that sounds ridiculous and pathetic. I think I’m afraid of changing my life, just in case I cant go back to where it was. Just in case the changes are wrong changes and I cant live with them. But the truth is, I need to make changes. Im going to be twenty in eighty five days. I think that living like I’m still a kid isnt a healthy way to be living. So its a good thing I’m moving out. I’m going to be forcing myself into changing, maybe after I’ve changed a few things other things will come easier.

When I was younger, I had a bucketlist. But I cant remember what was on it. So I suppose its time to start a new bucketlist.

#1. Visit every province once.
#2. Have my feet on the ground of every contentment at least once
#3. Finish my education
#4. One day (not soon I hope) start a family.
#5. Finally finish my demo
#6. Sew my wedding dress
#7. Get a tattoo
#8. Send a message in a bottle
#9. Make a big donation to charity
#10. Protest something
#11. Make $100 preforming
#12. Buy a Taylor guitar (814ce or 414ce)
#13. Learn to stop worrying so much.


This is obviously an incomplete list. I will add to it as I go, when I add something I will make sure to put it in the blog.



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