In which Andrea wrote a blog two days in a row ;p

I feel like I have been hit by a truck. But not just any truck. I truck that has been doing 200km/h down the autobahn. One that was carrying sick people. The sick people coughed on me. So now I have been hit by a truck, and I’m sick.

This sickness feels like last year when I was so sick I was hospitalized because I hadnt eaten/drunk anything for a week because i would vomit it back up right away. I would constantly cough and puke and lay in bed feeling like shit. It took them an hour and a half to get an IV in me at the hospital because i was so dehydrated. The only difference with this sickness is I am eating and drinking, and there is less puking. And I dont have to worry about missing school. So technically less sick, but I feel the same amount of sick.

Today I was feeling so gross and ill and sleepy that I went and for my lunch break slept in the back of the library. But Andrea cant sleep like a normal person right now, because Andrea cant breathe when she is laying down. So i fell asleep sitting crossed legged leaning up against a box. When i woke up my foot had fallen asleep. How i found out it was asleep was that i touched it with my hand. I didnt realize it was my foot so i had a mini freak out before trying to revive my foot which ended up having that horrible pins and needles feeling for like an hour.

The worst part of being sick today, is that I was supposed to go out with friends. STUPID SICKNESS I WANTED TO GO DRINKING AND HANG OUT WITH PEOPLE I HAVENT SEEN IN LIKE FOREVER! It appears that my body would like me to re-schedule it. To the Friday after next Friday because JESSE WE HAVE THAT ROAD CLEANING THING TO DO. I sewar to God, If im not better by then… -.-

There was this older French guy that was in the library yesterday and today working on his resume and cover letter and he got me to help him a lot which I didnt mind so much. He was super nice and everytime I would help him he would get super happy.

I am currently eating sweet chilli heat doritos and they are yummy but probably not to good for my sickness. I want gross unhealthy food 😦

So its kinda spring now even though last night it snow/rained. And its getting warmer and that means that SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE. Which means Im almost 20. I dont even know where I will be when Im 20. Im going to be in between a trip and home and ahhhhh. I dont want to be 20 😦

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the understanding that something is more important than fear.



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