In which andrea has a stress-ness life right now

Siiiick. I feel like crap, though a bit better than I was feeling Friday till now. I’ve had this horrible cough and all around yuckyness. Im having a horrible time getting my plans in order. I know where I want to go and when I want to do it, but I’m having trouble with the in-between-ness of it. I suppose it would help if I talked it over with the people involved in it, but I have this stupid aversion to telling people my plans just in case they dont end up working out (because normally they dont). There are a couple things I know 100%. I am moving out. I know the place I want to go. I dont know how I’m going to get there. I have like three- four months to figure that out. I need a plan B just in case plan A dosnt end up working out. I need to figure out how student loans in other provinces work. I need to figure out how Im going to juggle school and working. I might take a semester off and then go to school second semester of this school year just so I can kind of figure out whats going on. I ONLY HAVE THREE TO FOUR MONTHS TO FIGURE THIS OUT! GAHHHHHHHH. On top of all this I feel like I’m dying and work has been hectic. My life seems to have taken on this stressful blah-ness that I cant seem to escape.

I seem to have lost touch with 99% of my friends. Jesse. Message me. Its been too long.

On a happy note, I’ve lost weight, without even trying. Even though I really should be because Jarrod’s grad is soon. I guess exercising is in my near future (after breathing issues go away from this stupid sick-ness-ness)

We have family staying with us right now, my Papa’s nephew or something like that. I only met them briefly but they seem like really nice people.

Well, it seems there is now work for me as the PLS van just got here.




One thought on “In which andrea has a stress-ness life right now

  1. I think student loans are now basically thru the banks and u dont get any unless you can prove you are accepted into a school or something like that (I suppose we should work on that one ourselves as well LOL) we have resp’s set up for the kids since they were babies but its not a whole lot, still better then nothing

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