In which Andrea is a bit lost in life…

Recent events have happened that have driven me up the wall with stress and anxiety and hating where my life is at right now. Im not going to get into the events as my family would protest spreading around what happened on the internet. But to sum up what happened without saying anything, basically I have less family members in my life than before. But what all this has come down to is that I can no longer live in the Grande Prairie area and be happy. Which is really really stupid, but its the way it is. So I have applied to a bunch of schools in Edmonton and Saskatoon (goodbye bank account) and Im going to let that see where it takes me. I might have to move, take another semester off and then start school. There are a few things that I KNOW will happen. I WILL go back to school, and I WILL move to a place where i can be happy. I Just need to find out where this place is.

The problem with my job is that once my work is done, there isnt anything to do. Yesterday I had a volunteer in, so we got our work done twice as fast as normal and ended up shelf reading for the rest of the time that we were supposed to be here. But Now Ive done my daily work, and the shelves are in order, I literally have nothing to do.

I procrastinated, watching youtube videos and facebooking until home time 🙂

Most boring day of work ever.




One thought on “In which Andrea is a bit lost in life…

  1. could be worse, you could have so much work you end up being there 2.5 hrs longer than you want…..
    and you know you can trust on family to make you more miserable than any other human in the world

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