In which Andrea is bored at work…

Its been a long 10 days since I last wrote in here.

Jarrod is here for the week. We went and saw the Hunger Games movie, I liked it even though it was inaccurate in a lot of places I could see why they changed what they did. Jarrod didnt like it. πŸ˜›

I am currently sitting at work with an hour and a half to go. Bored out of my mind because I seem to finish my work too quickly. Im not sure if thats a good orΒ  a bad thing.

I had this booklet to fill out to order new books for the library. My mom helped me with ordering the adult books because frankly I am still in the Young Adult section when it comes to picking out books to read. When it was all over and done with, the total was about a thousand dollars. A THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF BOOKS.

I wish I had a thousand dollars to buy books with. Though I’m still finding it hard to find space for the books I have now and I still have boxes of books to unpack!

Jarrod came into work today with me to help move shelves and books around. This meant he had to get up at 9:30 and stay until 2:00 when my mom finally drove him home. Even though he came and did it without complaining I dont think he was too pleased about being stuck here for so long.

I have an hour and 20 mins to go before I get to go home! πŸ™‚

I still have to finish sewing in the corsetting in the dress that I am going to wear to Jarrod’s grad (which he still hasnt given me any details on. I think the only things I know about the grad I got from his mom).

I have been watching Fringe, I dont know who other than me likes Fringe because everyone I talk to about watching it says that its really boring or they didnt like it. But I enjoy it. I find its really entertaining.

This blog is basically rambling about nothing. But I’m bored at work and figured that I should put SOMETHING into my blog after 10 days.




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