In which Andrea misses made up people…

So I have tried to write a blog post every day since my last one, but I will start one, get busy and forget to go back to it.  They arent even full blogs, just a few paragraphs and thats it. So Im just going to trash all of the drafts and go from here.

I dont know if any of you are big into youtubers, but I follow a few and my favorite people to follow are thevlogbrothers. They are two brothers who send videos back and forth between themselves (and nerdfightaria) three times a week. One of them is one of my favorite novelists, John Green. If you havent read his books you should. They are young adult fiction about real life issues. One of my favorites by him is “Looking for Alaska”. Im not going to tell you why because if you do decide to read it I wouldnt want to ruin anything. But anyways, I was watching one of their videos today and John said something that I didnt realize was so true until it was said. “…but all I could think about now, as night fell, was how much you can love made up people. And how much you can miss them”. I didn’t realize how much I missed the made up people from the books I have read. People I haven’t sat down and read about in a long time because my books were packed away. I haven’t gotten all of my books back yet, but I do have some. I have been slowly re-reading series I have missed and I’m currently reading “The House of Night” series. Which is about vampires. But not lame sparkly ones.

Another realization I have come to is that I invest way too much into books. Not in money (my bank account will tell you differently though), but in thoughts and emotions. I get too physically attached to characters and the way they act. I cry when people I care about in book are upset or someone dies. I can get seriously depressed sometimes! And that is probably a bad thing 😛 <- currently listening to that song.

Ive been a lot more into doing origami lately. I’ve taught myself how to fold cranes, roses, tulips, lilies, dragons and robins. Its not a lot but I’m slowly learning how, I will have to post pictures :3

Time to go back to my world of angst and teenage vampires. Hopefully I will write again tomorrow! 🙂



One thought on “In which Andrea misses made up people…

  1. I’ve stolen Cass house of night and ended up buying the last two books in hardcover as those are the ones missing from her set. I think I like YA books the most as I find them super easy to read

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