In which Andrea may offend people who read this blog…

WARNING: You will probably get offended by this blog 🙂

By the way, this blog is about crazy girls, I’m not saying boys dont do this shit too. But this is about girls, maybe one day I will do a rant on guys 😛

Am I crazy, or the only sane female? I dont understand how stupid girls are (or at least seem to be). SO MANY THINGS I DONT UNDERSTAND!!!

You have no idea the amount of girls I see through facebook or hear talking when I’m at work, or in town about how none of the guys are “good enough” for them. How guys need to  do absolutely everything for them, bow down and be their slaves. If you’re not willing to do the same for him, then don’t count on it. No one human should be treated any better than another because of their sex. People don’t like people who use them.

WHY DO GIRLS PLAY GAMES WITH BOYS MINDS?! Say one thing but mean another. Get mad when he doesn’t read minds. Seriously, I’ve learned that guys don’t put a lot of thought into everything they say or do. What made you so mad was him not thinking about what he was doing or saying and you read way too much into it.

Why in the hell are we so mean to each other?! Even our friends! I should also clarify at this point that I am talking about girls my age. I dont know much about girls older than me.

Girls who complain about their weight when they are toothpicks. Who do anything for a little bit of attention. This seriously pisses me off. I feel like unfriending you and never talking to you again. If you want attention get into acting or taking your clothes off for money. Stop whining about shit that doesn’t even exist or creating problems for yourself so that you can complain about them on facebook so people will give you attention and compliments and sympathy.

Now that I’ve ranted myself out…

I love that song.

EDIT: This was my 100th post ❤ I will do something special for it soon 🙂


One thought on “In which Andrea may offend people who read this blog…

  1. I’ve learned that guys don’t put a lot of thought into everything they say or do. LOL best quote ever

    I always love the duck face pictures on fb, or the ones who were left in the oven too long and have overbaked their skin and will prob develope skin cancer because they think that beauty is all about how brown you can make your white skin. Myself, I try to post some really radically bad profile pics, cus thats the REAL me LOL, as you well know, I’m not the type of person who has a meltdown cus I walked out of the house without 5 pounds of make up on my face

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