In which Andrea had a rough day…

Today was long even though I didnt do much. I keep telling myself I’m going to finish cleaning my room, because I did get like 90% done, but now its getting worse because I dont have the will to clean it anymore.

I miss Zorro, and I think Max misses her too. I feel bad for him, it would be horrible to just have my sibling dissapear and never come back.

I dont work much this week. I normally work today and tomorrow but I dont this week because my boss is going away on Thursday and I get to have half of Thursday and all of Friday alone in the library. Which is fun, but kind of creepy at times. We dont normally get a lot of people in so things can get a bit lonely.

So tired.. I will try to write again tomorrow. Three days in a row though! I feel accomplished 😉 😛


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