In which Andrea is not in fact dead, contrary to popular belief.

So I have actually been trying to write a blog for weeks and weeks and weeks. Everytime I would start one I would begin to get busy again. PLEASE DONT HATE ME!

I started a new job, I work at the public Library as a librarian’s assistant/program organizer for the kids nights.

My Papa was in the hospital for a bit with large blood clots in his lungs and leg. He still has to go in every morning for a shot of blood thinners.

I had a long day cleaning my room today, its still not done. But I litterally tore my entire room apart cleaning everywhere and I’m going to finish tomorrow. But my back was starting to hurt a lot for some reason so I stopped for the night.

Also, Im not in a great mood. So I decided to make you guys a list of the most amazing things in the world that makes life good that you can do by yourself to make your day amazing. 🙂

– Teddy Bears – Soft fuzzy things you can tell secrets to or cuddle, whats not to love?

– Tea – tastes delicious and makes you warm ❤

– Boxers – I love boxer shorts. I dont know why, but I do. Comfy ❤

– Showers – Seriously, showers make everything better.

– Peanut butter toast – Yummy ❤

– Clean sheets – right after a shower, this is the best thing ever!

– Walking in the rain – I have in fact gotten pneumonia from this. But it was totally worth it.

– Reading – self explanitory ;P

– Painting your nails – Obviously for girls 😛

And if all else fails. Drink 😉 (kind of kidding, but only kind of.)

I re-read the hunger games series this weekend while I was feeling under the weather. GETTING READY FOR SATURDAY! Matthew, Michael, Jesse and I are going to see The Hunger Games in theaters on SATURDAY! I am so excited 🙂

Jarrod is coming to see me! Hopefully. At the beginning of April! I am excited for that as well!

My iDog just randomly started growling. Like it hasnt been turned on in like months, and randomly it starts to growl… Thats so weird.

Not sure what else to put into here. But I will write again soon (if not tomorrow <3)


Edit: This quote popped up when I published the post, I thought it was hilarious so here you go

Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.Author Unknown


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