In which Andrea does a quick little rant while coughing up a lung…

I’ve decided that I am getting really pissed off with people telling me to get a boyfriend closer to me. Comments like “Arent there any boys in Beaverlodge or Grande Prairie?” actually hurt. And even if you dont mean it like that it still does have an effect. Yes there are plenty of guys in Beaverlodge and Grande Prairie. Datable guys? Not so much. I refuse to go out with a guy who is going to treat me like shit. Besides, even if there were guys who were datable by me I would still want to be with whomever I was happiest with. And that is currently Jarrod. So I would like those of you who are saying these things (though there arent many, theres still enough to piss me off. Especially when Im sick and bitchy as it is) to kindly mind your own business and take MY feelings into consideration. YOU don’t have to be in the relationship so YOU dont get any say in what goes on within it. So kindly fuck off 🙂

On a slightly related note, Im still sick and I so want to be better before work Tuesday -.-;


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