In which Andrea has some reasons why being sick sucks…

I have been sort of sick for the past week, but yesterday it really hit. Holy crap. I recently got a job at the Hythe Public Library, which is a pretty good job and I feel like Im doing okay for my first couple days on the job. I’m also in charge of coming up with things for the kids to do, which is a bit difficult, if you guys have any ideas I would love you forever. The kids aren’t little kids, they are like 10-14ish. I have a room full of art supplies, games, a wii and tv at my disposal. But somehow I am drawing a blank (might be the cough drops).

My friend was talking about Subway, and now I want Subway. If I could swallow without wanting to rip my throat out, I would go buy some subway.

Here is a list of why being sick sucks:

1. No Subway 😦

2. No energy to play guitar

3. No voice to sing

4. Music makes my headache worse

5. Breathing sucks 😦

6. I have chores to do today, but dont have the energy to do them. Im lucky i even have the brain power to write the blog D:

7. Sniffles annoy the crap out of me.

8. Soo huuungrryyyyyy

9. I have slept so much, but all I feel like doing is sleeping more

10. Being sick sucks in general


Yay, now that I’ve complained myself to death…


One thought on “In which Andrea has some reasons why being sick sucks…

  1. ok how about you grab a book from the shelves, find a paragraph that they can draw out to what they think it is about
    OR get them to grab their fav book and let them draw a pic of what THEY think their fav character looks like

    so stuff like everyone grabs one random book off the shelf and each person reads the first line out loud (to make a new story) or you could do the GOSSIP game, where the first person reads the first line into the next persons ear, the last person says the line out loud and you see how close you get (I used to love that game in school lol)

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