In which Andrea’s internet doesn’t totally suck today…

So for the past little while I have been experiencing pings of around 2-50k. For those of you who dont know what that means I’m not going to explain it, go google and learn! 🙂

Basically the result of the high pings meant that I couldnt use the internet very well. Most of the time google chrome wouldnt load ANYTHING including my beloved blog. And it wasnt just my computer. My phone was acting the same way. Today has been alright. I was able to load the blog, and facebook. Horray! Matthew is looking into better internet providers. I think one is supposed to be coming out to see if they can service us next Friday or something.

I went to GPRC yesterday for a meeting with a counceler to talk about my education. I got signed up and will hopefully get accepted into the program. Though Im not really worried, I got into the same program last year. I found out that at most I can do two years at GPRC (depending on the courses they offer per year it could only be one) and then I have to transfer to a University. So that is interesting. I will have to scout universities I guess. Im not going to make a decision now, because it totally depends on where I am in life when I need to transfer. But any University, I would have to move for…

Other than that life has been pretty lulled. My sister is coming up for a visit. I dont know how long she is staying for, but I miss her so I’m excited.

I will write when my internet isnt being a jerk (just watch now my internet will go back to being a jerk because I said that) which will hopefully be every day again 🙂


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