In which Andrea has no title in mind…so this blog is probably going to suck.

Last night I looked through my photobucket account and found pictures of me way younger. 

Holy fuck. Im young! Im like 14/15 here. I dont even remember looking like that. Compared to now

Bangs look good on me. also holy hell was my hair long. I remember my first ever hair-cut the lady was taking all the dead stuff off and she was slipping around because there was so much on the floor.

My life is very boring I’ve decided. I need to do more. It sucks that I dont drive or I could. But unfortunately I dont and I”m to afraid to do my test in the winter to be able to fix that problem.

My room is messy again. I need to get my closet put up so I can actually clean my room and keep it clean! I need a place for all my stuff before its going to stay there 😛

Facebook keeps distracting me. Or maybe its because I’m easily distracted. But either way, this blog is taking far longer than it should be.

My brother Matthew got a new keyboard for Christmas so he gave me his new one that came with his computer. But some of the keys if you press them you get a whole line of that letter until you press backspace and then you have to delete them all, which is annoying. But other then that it is an amazing keyboard.

I didnt get much sleep last night so I’m not really great at thinking of topics for a blog. I think im going to try and be witty and awesome tomorrow


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