In which Andrea is slightly retarded…

Apparently in my absence I have forgotten how to press the publish button. I didn’t publish last nights blog. -.-;

I’m just going to add it to this post.

Not a lot happened today, mostly hung out around the house doing laundry and playing runescape. I think I may be allergic to the new laundry soap my mom got. I keep itching! Its horrible 😦

Mom and I watched a movie I think it was called contagen or something. It was basically about a disease that was going around the world and killing millions of people and how they cured it and stuff. It was interesting but not very action like 😛 Then we watched the 4400 season 3 and now we are on season four and GAH. Suspense and drama! 😀 Also I still cannot see what I’m typing. Im not sure why.. I may have to  use my phone for the next few blog posts until this gets fixed! D:


So yeah. Today I can actually see what I’m typing! 😀

I had another lazy day. Except today I showered! 😀 I also made rice krispie squares! 😀 I feel accomplished and that is kind of sad. Im going to be making an appointment to see a counceler thingie at GPRC so I can get all signed up for my classes next school year. Im excited but nervous… 😡 I cant think straight right now so I’m going to go to bed


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