In which Andrea has some new years resolutions…

So it has been a week and five days… I swear I wrote a really long blog post on my phone while the internet was out one day but then my phone deleted it and it was horrible 😦

I could make excuses as to why I wasnt around, like I’ve been busy with the holidays (this is true), or that I’ve been sick (also true), or that my brothers ran off to join a gnome colony and we’ve been searching for them since new years (I only wish this was true) but the fact is, I didnt post (bad me!).

Since my last post: I didnt go to that part because Christmas shopping takes up way too much time and BLAH! But I did get my lovely preasents from my friends because my brother stopped by for two minutes while I ran in and said hello which was amazing of him. I got the movie Legend of the Guardians, which is amazing because its about owls (and I  love owls), A lovely picture of my Papa and I in a beautiful frame, and Catching Fire (second book in the Hunger Games series, which coincidentally my mother bought me for Christmas also, oops!), a glee poster, an owl necklace (yay! <3) and a cute bag (ITS RED!). My friends are amazing ❤

I feel like I look gross in this picture which is unfortunate because its a grad photo 😦 . Just saying…

We have traditions on Christmas eve, my mom buys us all new pajamas and that’s the only Christmas present we get to open on Christmas eve. Also, we have a huge dinner thingie that consists of nothing but appetizers. Everyone picks one (and I get stuck with making the rest 😛 ) and makes it up and that’s our meal. This year there was Chicken wings (Honey Garlic and Hot sauce), Egg rolls, Mozzarella sticks, dry ribs, chicken nugget thingies, mushroom caps, potato skins, and a veggie platter (just to name a few :P).

Christmas day was… interesting. Most of us were sick so after opening presents my Papa and Nana went back to bed and my brothers went to play with their new things. My mom and I watched the 4400 pretty much all day. I made a turkey dinner but no one actually ate it because they weren’t feeling well. So we generally just snacked on leftovers from the day before. For Christmas I got a brand new Computer chair (soooo comfy), some clothes, a new bathrobe, the hunger games trilogy (YAY!!!), owl shaped maracas, fudge, my very own chopsticks :P, hunting supplies, The complete DVD set of The 4400, and the amazingness of my family and friends ❤

On the 27th we drove to Edmonton. Michael had an appointment with his surgeon to find out where exactly they had to operate and so I spent the night at Riley’s house with Teal. I was stupid and put a lock on my phone and forgot it though so I had to reset my phone and lost all my phone numbers so if you’re reading this you should text me so that I can continue texting you xD. The next day I got my nose pierced and we were supposed to leave but ended up not so I went back to Riley’s house and got really drunk off of rum and coke (yummy) and fell asleep and had Teal put cards in my mouth and another kid put cereal in my hair. Fun stuff. 😛 Teal took me back to the  hotel and I slept on the couch with no blankets (But I did have a pillow!) We drove home that night and I slept well in my own bed with blankets!

Nose piercing! 😀

On the 31st I went to Brandon’s house and had another party. We went “skating”, ate pizza and other delicious yummys, played mario kart for the wii, watched Fast 5 (i love the fast and furious series), played Just Dance 3, watched friends, played more Just Dance 3 and had an awesome time being loud and obnoxious and retarded like we always are ❤

My new years resolutions are; write again in my blog (started), run more (started), FINALLY get my drivers licence, get a good job, and stop letting myself be walked all over (half-way started). Those seems sort of easy to accomplish >.<

That pretty much sums up my life for the past week and five days.. Other than I learned a new song today, I only did one take so there are mistakes, suck it up 😛



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