In which Andrea has had a rough few days…

Sorry for not posting guys. My life has been a raging ball of depression and sickness. My grandfather finally passed away. He slipped into a coma Tuesday morning and died very early Wednesday morning. I’m just happy that he is no longer suffering. The sucky thing is that the funeral was today and we couldn’t go. I think at the age of nineteen that I have been to way to many funerals.

Then Wednesday morning I woke up puking. Puking everywhere! D:<
I ALWAYS get sick around Christmas, never fails. One Christmas I was so sick I was running to the bathroom in between unwrapping gifts and then I was  unable to eat dinner that night. I’m not sure why my body decides to hate me around Christmas but I guess thats the way it is.

We FINALLY got our tree up last night. Normally we have it up right after Remembrance day. But this year we were waaaaaaaaay too busy. It dosnt have any decorations on it yet because everyone was tired and BLAH so we all went to bed and will be decorating the tree later.

I’m going to a party tonight. So thats why I’m typing this up now. Because I may not get a chance later. :# CHRISTMAS PARTY! 😀 Though I’m not feeling well. Hopefully I feel way better by the time the party rolls around ❤ 😦

I will probably do another post today. But I have to run into the city because we didnt do any Christmas shopping yet because we didnt have the money slash were way to busy slash fuck crowded malls.


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