In which Andrea misses her kitty </3

So I’m sorry for the super late update guys but I litterally just got off of working all day. its 2:30AM here and I need to get up at 6am tomorrow. But I thought I would write a quick post before I go collapse in my bed.

Today was long. I was up at around 8AM which isnt early or anything, but I had a horrible sleep the night before. Nightmares and things that kept waking me up (Side note, I miss having a kitty to sleep with, when I used to have nightmares Rufus was always right there).

I miss Rufus more than anything in the entire world. I had him since I was little. It took him a long time to trust me. But from 12ish on he would sleep with me every night and get upset if I wasnt home. He was my baby and my best friend. I told him secrets and dreams etc. When we moved to the farm he got out of the tent and ran away. We see him every so often but he never comes home. I miss him so much but as long as he is happy I’m okay with it.  I still wish he would come home though 😛

But anyways. I only stopped working today a couple times to eat and other than that I worked all day. Most of it was painting. My wrist and arm totally appreciated that.

I am so tired. Im sorry I couldnt write more. I will probably have more tomorrow


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