In which Andrea had a long day…

WARNING: I curse a lot in this post. If you don’t like it fuck off. (Sort of kidding.. that was a really lame attempt at humor)


Woke up early today (eight o’clock is early for me now a days, seriously, when did I stop getting up at seven AM?!). We are calling for the final draw on Monday. For those of you know don’ t know what that means (Im guessing all of you), the bank has to inspect the house (which we are STILL FUCKING BUILDING A YEAR AND A HALF LATER) in stages and we get to draw money depending on how much we have completed. This just so happens to be the final draw. Meaning the house is DONE. MY GOD. I never thought I would ever say that. Its been a long year and a half. Between most of us almost dying, freezing our asses off, and all the bumps and scrapes along the way. One day I’m going to write a blog post about all our mishaps and such. Probably wont be for a while. Also Im going to include LOTS of pictures 😉 (dont count on seeing many of me, I generally stayed out of view of the camera)

I went into Beaver with my Papa and we bought stuff at a hardware store and I couldnt even brush my hair this morning because my wrist hurt so much! I seriously need to get that checked out! D:

My Auntie and cousin came over again today. I love having them around 🙂 so basically hung out with a hyperactive five year old all day. If that doesn’t test your patience I don’t know what will. She was running around blabbering away about anything and everything. She’s adorable and has a huge crush on Matthew.

I really didnt do anything else today. Sorry my blogs have been so short and lame lately. Though you’re still reading so I guess you dont mind.. But still. I will do better when I have more time on my hands, I promise 🙂 ❤

Also wordpress wont let me upload any pictures tonight so I’m sorry 😛


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