In which Andrea is a little overtired so this blog is weirdly worded :)

I find inspiration in the weirdest places. That video made me inspired. I know it seems so silly. LADY GAGA?! Well first of all, I’m not exactly a huge fan of hers. I’ve only ever heard a few songs. But what I like about Lady Gaga is the fact that she is so herself and she doesn’t care what other people thing. Like, a meat dress? Really? Thats kind of weird (like I’m one to talk 😉 )… but anyways.. Back to what inspires me. The fact that millions of people can type in her name and come up with things that will inspire them. Make them feel like they belong, that they are understood and aren’t alone in this world. Thats what the internet does. I can type in Harry Potter fan forums and get about 28,100,000 results (0.25 seconds). That’s freaking amazing. There are around twenty eight thousand possible places that I can find a place to fit in on the internet. Now not all of the internet is a good thing and I know that (trust me this place is defiantly a good thing 😉 ) I’ve had that talk MULTIPLE times with my ex-prison guard mother who is NOT pleased that I have had boyfriends over the internet (I think this was harder on her than it was me! :P).

Speaking of Lady Gaga “Born This Way” has forever been ruined for me. For graduation one of the singers sang Born this way by Lady Gaga. I had previously viewed the Glee episode where Kurt had sung the exact same song. All I could picture the entire time was Kurt in a blue dress dancing on stage. It wasn’t a bad performance but I couldn’t help but think that way. It was quite humorous.

Today was a weird day. My Papa, Mom and I all went to get our eyes checked out and know the glaucoma test? The one where they send a puff of air into your eyeball, the one that doesn’t hurt, the one where I couldn’t keep my eye open for three seconds for her to send a puff of air into my eyeball to test if I had glaucoma? Yeah that one? I hate that test!

Now I’m obsessed with The Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga. Thank you Google Chrome adds. You suck.

GUESS WHAT!!! I sort of cleaned my room! Its like half done! Im proud of myself. Because half done is better than not done at all 😀 HOPEFULLY I will be finishing it tomorrow :#

This is how I feel about most of the world right now. If only it worked in the opposite way, where if I ignored it so much that I would begin to doubt ITS existence. 😦

Got my zipper foot today. Tomorrow will be a sewing day I think :3 I have missed sewing. ❤

So apparently I am easy to distract. I had posted on Facebook that I was cleaning my room and promptly got people trying to distract me even more than I already was by sending me inbox messages, messages on my status and even LINKS on my WALL!!! Thats one of my favorite things ever, when one of my friends finds spiffy things and puts them on my wall. They always make me smile or laugh and I think she knows WAY too much about me 😛

Post one:
How to distract andrea, in three easy lessons, #1 HP anything

That thing is freaking cool. But if I was able to somehow track one down, where the hell would i put it. When you see my bedroom, when i get around to posting the pictures, when I get around to finishing cleaning it, you will see how much limited space I actually have.

Post two:

Are you kidding me?! DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING AMAZING THAT IS?!?! If you dont, you can leave. Right now. Get out. That is the most epic, amazing gingerbread house EVER. I asked my mom if I could make it and she gave me one of her “You need to stop looking things up on the internet and then thinking you have the time/resources/space for it” looks and that was the end of that.

Post three:
and #3….find more HP ornaments she can make….and to hell with cleaning…, it’ll only get dirty again anyways

She knows me too well 😉 THESE I will be making. because they are adorable and pretty gosh darn amazing.

Either I am WAY too obsessed with Harry Potter (If you could see my room you would agree with this statement) or I am easily amused (this is also true so you see my dilemma in which I dont know which one it is!)

So those are my thousands of links and talking about harry potter a lot and procrastinating even more and being over tired and writing a blog post 🙂


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