In which Andrea’s service area sucks.



For the past two nights when I go to write my blog the internet has been out. Which is ridiculous. I think the tower a couple quarter sections over is having issues. Even my phones reception is non existent. Normally I have full bars but right now I don’t have any. I might have to wait another night to post this.. >_<

Today was a good day. Not much happened. I didn’t clean my room and I made more bread. My family is trying to switch over to making our own bread. It costs less.

I’m laying in bed right now (11:25) being annoyed with my internet and how my stomach hurts. And boys. Boys I’ve decided are simply not worth crap at my age (not all boys just most). Ever since Jarrod and I broke up I have received multiple texts, calls, emails etc from all of my ex’s. What the Fuck? Most of them ask for sex (yeah right…) or another chance at a relationship (nope). I just got out of my first good relationship. I am NOT going back to a shit one.

That’s one thing about me. I tend to fall for the guys who can do the most harm to my self-esteem possible. Yep. I pick winners.

Oh look! My internet is back up. Hopefully it stays that way until I’m done writing!

I’m getting excited for Christmas. But even more than that I’m getting excited for my friends Christmas party. Normally I hate social gatherings of any kind. I force myself to make brief appearances in public, but generally I stay at home and play x-box or Runescape (I have a sad life).

Oh hey look the internet is back out -.-

Back on. Gonna post before it goes out!


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