In which Andrea has a serious procrastinating problem!

Huzzah! My post last night made it up! I hate how on my phone if I attach a picture it makes it at the beginning when really I want it at the end. 😦 But I guess beggars cant be choosers. If anyone who uses the wordpress app for Android knows how to fix this PLEASE comment or email me or something. It bugs the shit out of me. 😀 //Andrea is technology impaaared//

I swear to God my computer and I have opposite poles and are therefore drawn to one another. I walked in the room all revved to clean it finally (hasnt been done in a few months… three to be exact) and I blink and BAM! I’m on the computer signing into facebook, wordpress and runescape. WHEN DID MY LIFE BECOME SO SAD?! Bad wording… Im generally happy with my life. WHEN DID MY FAMILY START THINKING MY LIFE WAS SAD?!

My Auntie and cousin came over today! I baked cupcakes with little Amanda and showed her the kittens. I’ve decided to keep Zorro (whom I need to re-name because HE is a SHE… ) and fix her and take her with me when I move out because she is the sweetest little kitty in the world ❤

Tomorrow WILL be a productive day. I SWEAR IT TO YOU! GAHHHHH! I have never been this lazy before. I have no idea what has come over me. I used to be able to accomplish so much in one day. Now I’m lucky if I accomplish anything. 😦

Gonna get a goods nights sleep so that I am able to wake up early! D:<


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