In which Andrea thinks that Christmas is coming way too soon and time should slow the heck down

I made lasagna today! Matthew has been asking for some for a really long time so I while in town yesterday I went and bought the supplies to make it. At first I thought that there wouldn’t be enough noodles, so I thought that my lasagna would be only two layers..

But it wasn’t! 😀

So my wrist has been acting up again lately so my mom let me borrow her magnetic bracelet thingie. It started to work soon after i put it on but I think that its starting to hurt again 😦

The lasagna was good and you should be jealous.

Holy crap. I have gone like four months without painting my nails. This is seriously a record. Normally I have nail polish on. I have an extensive collection of nail polish somewhere in my boxes. I have over 24 different colours. I know I don’t need them all but I somehow collected that many. I used to do my nails every week before school. I guess now that I’m out of school I don’t do anything to make myself feel pretty. I will find some nail polish and paint my nails tomorrow! I HAVE A GOAL! 😀

Also I still need to clean my room >.> That seemed to be my last goal, that never got accomplished. :#

I have Moves Like Jagger – Maroon5 in my head :#

Im in a dancing mood. I cant dance worth crap (other than a two step thanks to Jesse) but its still fun to jump around my room. Singing and dancing and getting yelled at by family members who think I’m annoying.

My day was boring and uneventful. Such is the life of someone who still lives at home with their parents in the middle of no where 😛 I need to go see some friends soon or something. As anti-social as I am I do enjoy visiting some people.

There is seven days until my little cousin comes up to visit. The last time she was here she thought that playing practical jokes were hilarious. She put salt into the ice and vinegar into some water. She poured salt onto my retainer and ruined an entire stew with salt. So needless to say I am NOT excited. Shes 12 or 13 or something like that, so really she should know better. Her father lives with us so I think I will be spending all my time in my bedroom.

But anyways guys I think I’m off for the night. I have a bunch of stuff to get done tomorrow.


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