In which Andrea had a splendiferous day :3 also that face is a cat.

First of all I would like to wish one of my best friends ever Jesse a happy happy happy birthday ❤ I hope your entire day was as awesome and great as you are. Thank you for being there for me when I need you and I hope you know that I am there for you whenever you need me. 🙂 We have awesome memories, thank you for being my grad escourt and looking almost as good as me 😉 Just kidding you looked super duper awesome. Thank you for teaching me how to dance and not giving up even though I’m hopeless and clumsy 😛 Thanks for helping me paint my bedroom. If I put more of our memories in here this entire blog will be about you, and your head is big enough 🙂

Favorite picture of us ever!


BFFFE (Best Friends For Freaking Ever)


KAY! SO! GAH! I got sent these Harry Potter decorations today on my facebook! OMG! OMG! OMG! I have enough stuff to keep me busy until after Christmas now!!!

Will be buying the supplies to make a million of these ASAP

Will  be getting my brother to make!

Will be making. Gah!

If anyone could find out where i could get one of these I would cry with happiness.

Pretty sure how to make these. Will be attempting it ASAP.

SO cute! ❤


So yeah. Not all of those were sent to me, but I did snooping on the ones she did send to me and found a website with a bunch of crafts and etsy pages and when I get a job im going to be blowing my entire pay-cheque!


Today was a really weird day. For no reason I was just happy. Like sing at the top of your lungs laugh like crazy be titled as a crazy person for the rest of your life because you live in a small town and they dont understand why you are so happy kind of happy 🙂

But now I’m tired and I think it may be time for bed soon. Still havent gotten my room cleaned. Hopefully tomorrow 🙂


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