In which Andrea is pretty darn awesome ;)

I made bread. Like home made, delicious bread. It had barely come out of the pan before my family had started cutting it and eating it. We haven’t had freshly made bread in a very long time and since my Papa had dug the bread machine out of storage and my Nana had found a recipe for it, I decided to make a loaf. It was pretty yummy.

I had a pretty bad day. A lot happened between Jarrod and I. I dont even know how to explain it so I’m not even going to try. But I’ve decided Im a good person. I knew I was a good person before. But he could do a lot worse than me. And that is all I have to say about the subject.

I’m listening to music on itunes. I have it sorted  by most played and I have decided that I am a very depressing individual, at least with my music. 😛 Though I will admit that my top song (played 385 time) is Boom Boom Boom Boom by the Venga Boys. :#  Yep. Second is See No More by Joe Jonas (233 Plays). Because I’m 13 apparently 😉

I managed to clean my desk off. This is the view from my window right now

Isnt it pretty? Sometimes I love living in Northern Alberta. The skys are so beautiful.

Sang again for you guys 😉


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