In which Andrea has written 69 blog posts now ;)

For the past week or two I havent had much of an apatite. I will make meals for my family but I wont eat them. I know that isnt healthy but Im just not hungry. Like tonight I made chicken, fried rice and salad, one of my favorite meals; I only ate the rice. Its not like I eat a lot to begin with, but I dont even know what other than that I ate today. Nor can I remember eating at all yesterday. I dont feel sick or weak or anything. I’m just not hungry.

I attempted to clean my room today, though I didnt get far. I got sent this picture today and it made me laugh because thats exactly what happened to me.

I would find something that I havent seen in months and have to play with it, see if it still worked, had anything left in it, or find the other thing that it went to. I didnt get much done. Perhaps tomorrow when I should be working on school I will get it done. 😛

Tonight was “family night” we dont often have family nights anymore, but tonight we were able to pry everyone away from the computers (all relatively unscathed) and watched Pirates of the Caribbean; On Stranger Tides. I enjoyed this movie though I liked the first one better.

So my computer just decided that it was a good idea to shut down. I was just typing away when all of a sudden I got the “logging out” screen. I didnt really understand what was happening. I didnt even press the reset button! Oh computer, I wish you would stop being a jerk.

I went for a run this morning. Oh god did was it amazing. I havent gone running in months. I wasnt feeling like a normal person anymore. The only weird thing was that it was cold and foggy and made me feel like I was being followed. I probably had a few cats following me around so its not entirely unlikely but still, it was weird. 😛

I have a quote that I often think about “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever”. I have no idea where it came from, maybe like most of my quotes (“I wont hate myself to be loved by you” – Johnny Falls – Hedley [who by the way are pretty awesome in concert]) its from a song, but no matter what I google it wont come up. If you’ve read my blog from the beginning or have read back, you will know that I love quotes. My facebook quote thing is full of them. I dont know why I love quotes, maybe its because a certain line will speak to me and BAM for a moment I know what life is about, or somebody understands me. God that sounds emo.. I cant explain it but I do, I love quotes 🙂

And with that I will leave you with my personal favorite quote.. Always choose happiness. No matter what it is, if it will make you happy for even a moment, be happy.


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