In which Andrea blablablablabalabala

My Papa is making me sad. Ever since he found out that I’m moving out hes trying to make our house the best place to live in ever; he’s breaking my heart! The other day we were in the city and we drove by GPRC and he said “Thats a really good college, smart people go there, you should go there” and I almost cried. I know this seems silly, but he’s BREAKING MY HEART!!!

I baked a butt ton of tarts tonight. I got bored with it and went back on runescape after it was done even though I was hoping to make cheesecake and cookies. I made Peach, cherry, strawberry rhubarb and double chocolate tarts. I kind of like the peach ones but I’m not big into baking. :S

My goal for the week is to clean my room. Its probably going to take me a week if i start now and dont stop, its absolutely trashed. I need to get the sewing machine up and running though so I can send Jarrod back his hoodie he got me to fix and so I can sew zippers into a bunch of my family’s jackets.

Im working on a few new songs but the probably wont be up in the near future. But I am trying!

I really dont know what to talk about tonight. My mind keeps shifting to other topics that either dont make sense or involve me sleeping. I tried to convince Matthew to take me to the movies tonight, I was even going to buy his ticket and popcorn for him (because I’m an awesome big sister). But then we would have to take Michael. Under normal circumstances that would have been fine. But the movie we want to see is the Immortals. Which is rated 18A. While Matthew at 17 is 6’2′ with a full beard and mustache passes for 18 at the least, Micheal at 13 does not. So I either have to find another movie for all of us to see (which would suck because I wanted some friends to come too) or try and convince Michael to stay home. The second option seems like kind of a jerk move.

Sorry for the off beat-ness of this blog guys.

So I dont know if you can tell or not in this picture, but this was when my hairdresser turned me into Airel from The Little Mermade. I asked for a natural red and she though natural meant turn me into a fire engine.

better picture but you cant see my face 😛


One thought on “In which Andrea blablablablabalabala

  1. never too bad to have your parents want you at home while you go to college (LOL, UNLIKE me, who is happy to see the eldest leave) and best to get your education as fast as possible. When you’re young people have ambitions and goals but as you get older, you get comfortable and sometimes in a rut and end up doing nothing of value with your years

    good luck

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