In which Andrea dosen’t know what the title should be.

So I really thought long and hard about writing this blog. But its my blog goddamnit and you are reading it, so its not my fault if you dont like what you see.

Yes, Jarrod and I broke up. If you came here to hear me rant about how bad a person he is or how much I hate him you can go away now, because he isnt a bad person and I dont hate him. He was the only guy I dated who dated me for me. And if any of my ex’s are reading this (not likely) you know it to be true. We broke up because he is under stress for school and is unable to “be in a good relationship” until its done. Which is understandable I guess. For the past little while hes been talking less and less with me, today I sent him a message basically saying that if he didnt care anymore or didnt have the time for me to just break up with me because it was hurting a lot to not know. I guess you get what you ask for.

He says its just a break. So maybe we will be together again after the school year. I dont know whats going to happen. Im still looking at moving even if we dont get back together. I will just have to alter my plans a bit. I obviously cant stay at his parents place until I find an apartment so I’m not sure how thats going to work. But I will think of something. The only reason I was really moving to Saskatchewan was so that I could be closer to him, I was going to move out no matter what. But moving to a place where he wasn’t didnt seem like a way to keep a relationship. Especially since I wouldnt have the money to visit him anymore. I guess none of that matters now. His family still has me on facebook and still talks to me (so far at least). At least they dont hate me 🙂

I don’t care what you think of him, or me. If you have a negative opinion on either of us keep it to yourself. I am hurting right now and its my blog so if you dont like it unsubscribe or stop reading.

I considered taking down all the posts about Jarrod, but I really dont think that that would be very mature, also it would be very confusing to people who went back and read. It was part of my life so I guess it stays up.


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