In which Andrea hopes that you dont all hate her :(

I am so sorry that I was unable to blog for the past few days. Please forgive me!!! My wrist has been killing me to the point of where I couldn’t be on the computer. I would try to get on for a few hours and get in pain and get off. I eventually put my wrist brace on and that is extremely awkward to use, I can barely move the mouse and I cant type at all. I know its a really lame excuse and I’m sorry!!!! I will do better I promise 🙂

So while my wrist has been hurting me I have caught up on some reading (I cant even play guitar! 😦 ) I started The Hunger Games around 3pm yesterday. I finished it at 3am, that book is addicting. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been as emotionally attached to a book other than Harry Potter before. I am going to ask for the series for Christmas so I can keep them forever! I have an extensive book collection. Most of the time its books that I’ve borrowed from the library that I loved so much that I went and bought my own copy, but sometimes I walk into a book store, pick out an interesting cover and take it home with me. This is how I’ve found most of my favorite books. My books are currently safe (I HOPE!) in one of the storage places on our farm and I’m dearly missing them. I have a couple go-to series that I’ve read countless times, mostly by Tamora Pierce. I read the Protector of the small and The Song of the Lioness series a few dozen times each. Both of them are connected which is pretty spiffy.

Guess what! Twenty one days until Jarrod and I have been together for six months, twenty four days until Christmas and twenty six days until I see Jarrod again. 🙂 I think I may be more excited to see Jarrod than I am Christmas :3

Im have a feeling that Jarrod isnt going to like his Christmas/Birthday presents. I dont think he reads my blog, but just in case he does I wont put what I got him here.. But I thought that what I got him was a good idea at the time.. Im not so sure that it is now. But I’m not sure what I can do about it. So I’m just going to hope for the best.

I keep seeing these stupid adds that say things like “You arent a true fan unless you have our paraphernalia/merchandise” and I get sad, because most of these things I am a fan of. I am a true fan, but I’m broke.

So the power went out for like three hours because of the winds ~90km/h right now. Intense. So what do I do? I tape a pick to my brace and creepy songs on my guitar. I got asked to stopped after a couple songs but I found it quite amusing.

I recorded something for you (bad wrist and all), so enjoy ❤


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