In which Andrea’s body really dosnt like her.

So I am sorry to say that this blog took me three times as long to type out as it would have normally. Even on my phone. I am currently wearing a brace on my wrist. Last winter I fell and sprained my wrist and it never healed properly. Any time I do something with it, it will start to hurt a lot. Today I was putting a pot away in the cupboard and my wrist cracked and has felt like when your leg falls asleep and gets all tingly all day, which is a seriously weird feeling. The only other time that something like this has happened is when I was going to turn the light on in the furnace room and the light switch shocked me, twice. My arm tingled like it was asleep for at least an hour and i couldn’t feel anything with my hand. Now I’m afraid to turn on lights. And it only happened to me!

Mom is taking me in to get my wrist x-rayed tomorrow. Which means a super long wait at the hospital 😡

Also I couldnt play my  guitar because of my wrist and I have no idea how I’m going to sleep. ;-; I’m so winey ❤



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