In which Andrea is sick.

Im sick again. Like flu sick, which is crappy. I hate being sick. 😦

When I’m sick i cant think of anything so tonights blog post will be really short.

My aunt and cousins came over today and then later my great aunt and uncle came over. We had a nice visit. Its been a while since we’ve seen them. Auntie Ali has come over a few times lately but its still nice to see family. 🙂

There is 31 days until I see Jarrod again and 26 days until we have been together for six months. Which is kind of a big deal for me. I dont think I’ve ever actually been in a healthy relationship let alone a healthy relationship for six months. Most of my previous boyfriends weren’t exactly good for me. As Riley puts it they “mind-fucked” me. Im not exactly sure what she meant by that.

Sorry the post is so short and kind of retarded sounding. I will try for better tomorrow


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