In which Andrea’s blog posts seem to keep getting later and later…

I am a horrible blog writer lately my posts don’t seem to get posted until the next day (technically its still the day before because I haven’t gone to sleep yet).

I am currently sitting on the counter in the bathroom in the hotel in Edmonton listening to Pirates of the Caribbean theme on my phone (through headphones of course) because it is 1am and the rest of my family is asleep and I need the light for reading and blogging and I don’t want to wake them up by turning on a light. (Best run on sentence ever)

We got into Edmonton around sixish and checked into the hotel. Matthew, Michael and I went on the great quest to find Joe’s famous donairs (which we’ve been to a thousand times). We got very lost and after googling it we called my mom to tell us where to go, we eventually found it and had delicious and fatty dinners.

After dinner Matthew, papa and I went to visit grandpa and grandma. It was really sad.

Riley, Teal and I then went to the movies, we saw Tower Heist which was okay, the ending kind of sucked but the movie was.pretty funny.

So that takes us to where we were at the beginning, me sitting on a counter blogging. Except now I’m listening to Iris – Googoo dolls.

I have this funky tan line on my back. It’s from the weekend before grad my mother decided to plant a garden. I got so so so horribly burned that I couldn’t lay down and I was bright red for grad (thank god I had a shawl).

I think I’m going to try and sleep because it seems that tomorrow is going to another long day.


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