In which Andrea had a long and confusing day…

When I woke up my family was annoying and angry which made me angry which made them more annoying, so this morning wasn’t fun. 😛

We did a bunch of running around this morning involving me being bored and sitting in the truck while people went into various stores and appointments. We visited my grandpa again today and this time a whole slew of people came over. My mom, Matthew, Micheal, Papa, Dad, Kendra, Auntie Cindy and myself were all packed into my Grandpa’s and Grandpa’s tiny living room. There were at least three discussions going on at once at all times.

We left around 3ish and it was such a long drive. I hate hate hate hate hate those long drives, the only time when four hours plus of traveling time is worth it, is if I am getting to see Jarrod.

We had A&W for dinner because we were all way to tired to cook at 8pm. I hate fast food. Its greasy and nasty and makes me feel like crap, but I didnt care enough about it to make dinner so I guess I shouldnt complain. 😛

Also, Jesse, you are a creeper. Stop looking into my room. Also Im posting late just to torture you 😉



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