In which Andrea is in a glass case of emotions.

This is going to be a bit of a serious blog post to start with. Tonights blog post is part about loss.

I know that its going to sound really depressing and emo-like to tell you that I’ve lost a lot of people. I’ve lost my best friend, a very close friend, my Uncle and one of my great aunts in a very very short period of time.

My Grandpa is dying. He is my fathers father meaning that I don’t know him very well. The very few memories I have of him are from when I was little and we would go to my Grandparent’s place in Calgary for a few weeks in the summer. He would always play cards when he got up in the morning and smoke. When they moved closer to us I remember visiting a few times a year but not often as my father rarely took us.

A few years ago my Grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer, but when he went to the cancer clinic they told him he didn’t actually have cancer. Taking the good news they never went for a second opinion. A year-ish ago my grandfather was again diagnosed with lung cancer but this time it had spread so far that it was inoperable. He has been slowly dying ever since and its absolutely horrible to watch. Because I dont live around him I dont get to see him that often, but I can imagine what its like for my sister who is over there a lot… I know it sounds horrible but I would like his pain to be over.

Grandpa Rosychuk ❤


I know its kind of weird having that sad beginning and then switching to happier topics, but personally I believe that even though you lose someone they wouldn’t want you to be sad for a long time.

Guess what! I sang another song, while being sick and emotional and awesome like that 😛

Ta-da! 😀 Arent I amazing, sorry about the cracks in my voice and stuff. As I said before I’m sick 😛


2 thoughts on “In which Andrea is in a glass case of emotions.

  1. I felt selfish wanting my dad to die quickly…I mean, does anyone really want someone with cancer to linger a long time? When my dad finally did die, he looked like a skelton, it was quite horrid to see (he was 65 I do believe) His cancer was so far spread that he was too far gone for anything but a lot of morphine. Big hugs

  2. Thats how I feel, I feel like when I tell people that I want his pain to end they think I’m a monster. Thats how my grandpa is, he looks like he survived the holocaust, which is a lot different than the pictures I put up. I dont even know if my grandpa is on morphine, though Im sure he is on somthing. Thank you by the way. 🙂

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