In which Andrea loves summer.. in the winter.

I keep thinking back to summer time. I know its kind of random but this happens almost every year. Normally my summers are uneventful and boring. This summer was pretty awesome. Even though we were still building the house I still had a good summer. July I got a job with a hotel cafe. It was alright for a while but then I had to quit (due to reasons I am not going to specify in a blog :P). I actually really loved my job and had a lot of fun with it. I was constantly on my feet which sucked but thats most jobs I guess. I spent most of my tip money on a desk for my bedroom (which I will have to leave behind when I move :() and spent the rest on a new cell phone because mine decided to crap out on me (later my brother fixed it and is currently using it because his died; seriously HTC make better phones). My birthday was uneventful but as I have said before my family really dosn’t celebrate birthdays.

In August Jarrod came to visit me. He helped out on the house which was so amazing because we really did need the help because Brandon had gotten a job or was looking for a job at the time. We went berry picking (in the hot sun for hours without sunscreen), down by the river (Jarrod was too chicken to go in with me), and went to the movies. Other than that we stayed at my place because I currently do not have a drivers licence (dont judge me!). I tried to get Jarrod to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 but he would have none of that and complained pretty much the whole time. I think I ended up shutting it off half way though. That is one of the only things that I have found about him and I that are so totally opposites, my love for the pirates movies and his dis-interest (dont get me wrong we have other opposites just this one stands out to me because of my intense love ((its almost as much as Harry Potter))).

a totally horrible picture of Jarrod and I during the  summer but Its the only one I have that I actually sort of like.

Near the end of August I had a party thing, my best friends from Edmonton came all the way up and my best friends from around Beaver and Hythe came over too. We had a grand old time and I drank way too much and was lucky that I didnt puke everywhere. I actually dont remember some points of the night which is weird because normally I remember everything. I do remember falling asleep in the tent and around midnight being woken up out of a dead sleep by Jesse and Brandon yelling that the tents were sinking because of the rain (which they were) Jarrod was absolutely soaking wet but I was dry. 😀

We made our way inside and Jarrod set up a bed in the basement while the rest of my friends either slept on my bed or hung out in the living room watching movies and sleeping on the various arm chairs. I’m pretty sure everyone’s stuff was wet and gross. By the way Jesse I still have your bowl thing. I have the same one so I’m not guaranteeing its safe return as YOUR bowl but you will either get one that is very similar or the one that you own back 😛

Jarrod went home and I cried and that was my summer. 😛


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