In which Andrea had a weird imagination…

I would like to say a big thank you to my face, who has decided to be an ass hole, and thinks that I need mountains on itself. Thank you face.

I never get acne. Ever. All through highschool i probably only had ten pimples the entire four years. I guess I was lucky that way. But  now that I’m out of highschool my face has decided to commit mutiny and grow extra noses. I know, I know. Its not that bad. Im just not used to it! Also it comes at a crappy time when everyone wants to take your picture because its the holidays. I dont particularly like pictures of myself though Im not hardcore against it.

So guess what guys, I made up (rather, I modified) a recipe. I looked on the internet for what i wanted and they didnt have anything so I modified a recipe to what I wanted. 😀

I made candy cane cookies (made WITH candy canes not in the shape of candy canes) and they turned out deliciously! My papa really likes them. I am quite proud of myself. ❤

I am finding it hard to motivate myself. I know what I have to do, and when it has to be done by but I don’t do it until the last second. Which is dumb. But I do it none the less. I have to get eight sketches in before the month ends and I havent even started. Which sucks because drawing rushed makes for either really crappy or really good art. Mine lean more to the crappy.

I keep having these really vivid dreams that make no sense. Last night I had a dream about my Uncle Shane. I dreampt that he was a cat and he needed me to save him. I could fly for some reason. I saved him twice from these weird cat like things and then he turned into a can and got stolen to the bad guys lair. For some reason I needed his clothes to get into said lair and so i went to my Aunts house (where she no longer lives and the house I was in was very altered from the reality) to get clothes that I ended up painting on. Then I saved him again in can form and then I could no longer fly. It was a weird dream and when I woke up I was glad it was over. I could actually hear my Uncles voice throughout my dream and now that I had woken up it was echoing around my head. I dunno. Maybe these weird dreams are a chemical imbalance or something. But it was really nice to hear my Uncles voice again (He died a while ago).

I know that was a bit of a weird twist to tonight’s blog but I thought it would be kind of neat to share.


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