In which Andrea had an odd day…

I woke up ready to fight or punch the offending person in the face. It was a dream that set me off this morning. A silly nightmare 😛

A couple years back I had nightmares every. single. night. They were bad ones too, the kind you wake up screaming from. My doctors had no ideas what was causing it. But night after night I would wake up screaming or crying. This was kind of one of those nightmares, except I just got super mad and wanting to punch the person I was dreaming about in the face (believe me, the dream version of him deserved it!). It took me a second to calm down, even though I knew it was a dream I was still pissed off. At least I know what I would do if a situation like that ever arose 😉

I started reading this book I got from the library (one of those pick a random book off the shelves because you’re bored and need something to read moments) called “The Girls” by Lori Lansens. Believe me, its not my usual fantasy or teen angst book. This is a book about conjoined twins, they are twenty four and have been joined at the skull since birth (obviously). Its really interesting and I’m enjoying it. Its like a diary of sorts about these two girls and how their lives have been thus far.

Guess what! My sister started a blog! I wont give you the link because I dunno if she wants people reading it or not.. but if she gives me the a-okay I will. Also! i thought of this snazzy idea for her and I and so I present to you Sisters letters from far away :

If you want to know what it is (because the title is obviously not obvious enough) go check it out. Tomorrow is the official first day and NO JESSE it will not be daily. I have enough trouble meeting the daily deadline on this blog! (Which I actually said I wasnt going to do in my first post!)

Time for a nerd picture! (or three):

I laughed at this one, I dont plan on seeing Breaking Dawn, I saw Twilight in theaters and thats where my Twilight viewing stopped. I did read the books and I enjoyed them. But the movies ruined it for me. I may read the books again but I wont watch the movies.

I laughed at this one. Thought it was cute. ❤

This is seriously the cutest freaking thing ever. Some amazing nerd boy, painted a goddamn rose, just for his special lady friend. That my good friends is true freaking love. I dont even care. This is so amazing and cute that I cannot hide my glee!


Not going to ruin it for you people though ❤

I still dont really understand whats going on in it completely because I missed all but the past two episodes of the season. But I think I am slowly catching up.

Off for now. Have an awesome night guys (or day if you are reading this between 12pm and 5pm… or morning if you are reading this between 12am and 11:59am).


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