In which Andrea dosnt even know what she typed about today…

I had a dream last night that I won a hundred thousand dollars. I cant remember how I won it, probably slot machine or something. But when I woke up I was like “All my money troubles are oooooveeerrr!!!” But then I fully woke up and was dissapointed that I no longer had a hundred thousand dollars.

I went to bed semi-early last night. But at 12:30ish I was woken up to the sound of the smoke alarm “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP WARNING FIRE” yeah my smoke alarm talks to me. I freaked out and tried to remember the little training I have had in fire safety. By the time i had checked my door for heat my Nana was already half way down the hallway. She yelled that it was okay, that my brothers had just started a fire and forgot to open the vent. I didnt really get back to sleep for another hour. See this is why I think I am apt to writing a  blog. Because every once in a while something crazy happens (Cat tours of the house at 5am, fire alarms at midnight etc) and other people probably find it amusing.

It is snowing so hard outside right now. My room is the warmest in the house because I never leave my door open and so I refuse to leave my room because its actually really cold in here. Snow is pretty if  you dont have to trudge through it to the bus at 7:30am every morning. It will be much prettier when all the mud and dead grass and stuff are covered up. Once it looks pretty I will take pictures. 😛

I am just baking up a storm, pumpkin tarts today. Pumpkin tarts are my least favorite to bake because they take like half an hour per tray, plus the 10 minute tart shell time. I should do some no-bake stuff while I’m waiting for them to bake, but I will probably watch TV or  play runescape. 🙂

Seriously guys, I just cut my bangs like a week ago and already its time for another trim. WHY DO YOU GROW SO FAST HAIR?!

Woah guys, almost went to be without posting this. That would have sucked 😛


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